Mission: Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance brings innovative dance to the community of Asheville as well as the state of North Carolina through concert performances; collaborations with local and nationally known artists and arts organizations; and both outreach and dance training programs for children of all cultural and economic backgrounds designed to delight, enlighten, and educate.  

As of June, 2003, Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance became North Carolina's summertime professional
contemporary ballet company. Terpsicorps is known for producing innovative, thought provoking,
and entertaining performances of the highest professional caliber.  The subject matter varies, but
is always deeply rooted in universal themes that convey the most basic and complex aspects of the
human experience.   

Terpsicorps hires in critically acclaimed dancers from some of the most respected companies in
the United Sates and Canada, providing our community with the opportunity to take pride in an
organization of the quality that one would expect to find only in a large metropolitan city. The
company has also found great inspiration from local artists. It is a mutually enlightening experience
for all involved, collaborating with people from other disciplines, as well as different areas of the
country, and it lends Terpsicorps an aesthetic that could be derived no where but here in Asheville.

The mission of the company expanded in 2015 with the addition of it’s newest endeavor, The
Academy at Terpsicorps.  Now students of all ages, from beginner to pre-professional, can take
advantage of the high quality education that comes from a thoroughly planned curriculum and a faculty of dance professionals.  Through an incredible fundraising effort, the school has created a unique dance scholarship program for children from low-income families.  These excited students receive dance clothes, shoes and classes at the brand new Terpsicorps facility in West Asheville.

Terpsicorps performs works by artistic director Heather Maloy, ballet master Christopher Bandy, and master choreographer, Salvatore Aiello. Maloy danced for the North Carolina Dance Theatre under Aiello's direction, and was greatly influenced by him, both as a choreographer and as a director.  His flair for creating dance that was not only noteworthy for its movement quality and musicality, but also for its theatricality, is the inspiration behind everything Terpsicorps produces.