Company Auditions

Dance with Terpsicorps

 Alessa Rogers dancing in REBORN, photo by Dathan Brannon

Alessa Rogers dancing in REBORN, photo by Dathan Brannon

Every year Terpsicorps hires anywhere from 6 to 12 dancers to perform with the company during the month of June.  There is currently no formal in person audition.  Instead we ask that those who have had a minimum of one year working with a professional company and are interested in participating for the summer, send us a video link of performance clips and a current resume.  Ideally, the video would include contemporary ballet, a short sample of something classical, partnering excerpts, and if possible, samples of choreography that shows both comedic and dramatic theatrical ability.  Please note that most, but not all, company members have experience at the soloist level or higher, and will be expected to do work at that level.

There are also some years where we accept apprentice level dancers for larger productions.  This follows the same audition process, with the addition of one or more letters of recommendation from a teacher or director.  It is a great opportunity for networking with people from a wide array of companies and is wonderful for inclusion in your reel and resume.

We will be accepting both company and apprenticeship applications for the 2019 Summer Season, which runs from May 29 - June 24, plus a potential additional rehearsal period in July.  Please send reels and resumes to Heather Maloy between January 1 and April 15, 2019.