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Season 2019

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HUNGER - choreography by Heather Maloy

At the root, we are all hungry. Most of us not in the strict use of the term, but we all have something that we crave. Deep within the human soul lies an emptiness that screams to be fed. For some it is a desire for love, for others acceptance. Maybe your hunger calls out for power, spiritual enlightenment, money or fame. Maybe it is darker. Some hungers can be satiated while others simply reside within us, guiding our lives. Told through vignettes that range from funny to shocking, HUNGER inspires the audience to contemplate the force of their own desires and envision how a need for something as basic as food and water would alter their lives. Premiered June 26, 2014 at the Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville. This video is from June 20, 2019 at the Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville.


AYT? (Are You There?) - choreography by Heather Maloy

A dysfunctional technological love story featuring dancers… and their phones. A humorous statement on how technology, and cell phones in particular, inhibits our ability to communicate and appreciate one another. Premiered and filmed June 20, 2019 at the Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville.

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Extensions - choreography by Salvatore Aiello

Extensions was created in Winston-Salem in 1990 for African American dance icon, Mel Tomlinson, when he was a member of the NC Dance Theatre. Extensions, created by Salvatore Aiello, is a solo that takes an in-depth look at the routines inherent in the life of a dancer. The dance world mourned the loss of Mel Tomlinson this year, and this recreation aspires to share with today’s audiences the magic that was made when these two remarkable artists came together. Premiered by the North Carolina Dance Theatre, March 16, 1990, at the Roger L. Stevens Center, Winston-Salem, NC. This video is from June 20, 2019 at the Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville.