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Beyond My Dreams

The African American Experience in Ballet


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet Claudia Foltz, co-author of dance icon Mel Tomlinson's autobiography, “Beyond My Dreams”. Tomlinson was a close friend of artistic director, Heather Maloy, and a consistent presence for both the company and the school. When he passed away this year, Maloy chose to re-create a work he was known for in his honor, and also to host this event to educate people on his groundbreaking path within the historically white world of ballet. Come here his story of how talent, determination and hard work broke through walls, making him one of the first African Americans featured at the NYC Ballet. Terpsicorps dancers Keith Reeves and Lydia McRae will join the discussion to share their view of life in today's world of ballet from an African American perspective.

Two dates and cities!
6/12 - Asheville at The Block off Biltmore
7/7 - Winston-Salem at

This event is FREE to the public.