2016 Terpsicorps Season

Coming to the Diana Wortham Theatre, June 23-25...

photo by Zaire Kacz

photo by Zaire Kacz

An artistic statement of protest against HB2, a dance in honor of acceptance

"When the news of HB2 came out, it struck at the heart of who I am as a person and an artist. My work has always been inspired by the people and events that impact my life.  At this time in our state's history, I feel a calling to speak out for our community, for those of us who know and treasure the value of every human life and every human experience. HB2 is a multifaceted law created to confuse issues and promote fear of the unfamiliar.  With the creation of Transform, I aim to offer glimpses of a variety of life transformations, creating a unifying theme that every person's path deserves respect. It is my hope that by experiencing a moment from another's perspective, that I can create the familiar within the unfamiliar, to humanize that which is unfairly demonized." - Artistic director, Heather Maloy

Terpsicorps is known for creating work of the highest professional and artistic calibre, featuring critically acclaimed dancers from companies across the US and abroad.  Join us for an evening of magnificent dance that will not only entertain you, but speak to your soul.  Choreographer Heather Maloy tackles these subjects with her unique blend of stunning visuals, athletic yet dramatic movement  and highly entertaining storytelling.  We invite you to help spread the word about this show and our mission, as this is a message meant to be shared.

Also included on the program are Salvatore Aiello's breathtaking masterwork, Satto, Heather Maloy's crowd pleaser, the hilarious Couch Potatoes, and a new work by longtime Terpsicorps collaborator, Christopher Bandy

Tickets on sale now!  Call 828-257-4530 or purchase online.